Cheesecake Factory

The Cheesecake Factory’s full-service restaurants pride themselves on offering 40 varieties of cheesecake, hence their namesake. Their restaurants possess a distinctive, contemporary design and decor that create a high-energy ambiance in a casual setting. Their full-service Cheesecake Factory restaurants currently range in size from 5,400 to 21,000 interior square feet. American Stone continues their 15 year relationship with The Cheesecake Factory where it has installed stone and tile in close to half of the 146 restaurants nationwide, with total project revenues in excess of $30 million.

Project Scope

Exterior and Interior walls, flooring, counter tops and table tops. American Stone continues a relationship with the Cheesecake factory in which we maintain an inventory of replacement table tops and perform repairs as they arise.

Project Materials

Over 20 different materials with varied finishes

Project Size

$500k; 8,400 to 21,000 square feet